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Come on and pick up your glass bottles, plastic bottle,plastic jars,glass jars and plastic pipette dropper, our containers can be categorized by multiple styles.
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Glass and Plastic Packaging By Color SIZE glass and plastic containers come in many different colors. Try to find the suitable color for your products.

Welcome to SIZE, a leading supplier of glass bottles, glass jars, plastic bottles, plastic jars and plastic pipette dropper. From pharmaceutical to cosmetics, from medical to lab,  we have quality bottles and jars for everything. We are wholesaler of cosmetics and skincare products, taking advantage of our high quality and good price, we have established many stable business relations with our global customer. SIZE strives to be the most comprehensive bottle and container suppliers. We'll work with you each and every step of the way to ensure you are completely cozy with your purchases. 

1: Strict quality control

2: 15years moulding and manufacturing experience on bottle packaging materials

3: Professional technical team

4: Heavy ODM&OEM experience

5: Punctual delivery