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Amber Bottles, Jars and Containers

The amber bottle has a correct barrier performance, which can stop the invasion of oxygen and different gases from coming into the contents, and additionally can forestall the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing into the atmosphere. Amber bottle can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the packaging cost. Amber bottle can effortlessly alternate the colour and transparency, and is safe and wholesome, and has proper corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and is suitable for the packaging of acid elements (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.)

Amber Bottles, Jars and Containers List

Because amber glass bottles are appropriate for the manufacturing of automated filling manufacturing line, the domestic automatic filling technological know-how and gear improvement of glass bottles are additionally mature, and the use of amber glass bottles to bundle fruit and vegetable juice drinks, liquid drinks, stable particles has sure production blessings in China.Amber bottle is mainly used for liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers such as beverage, food, pickle, honey, dried fruit, edible oil, agricultural and veterinary medicine, etc.

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