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Amber Glass Syrup Bottles Wholesale

Amber Glass Syrup Bottles Wholesale

As a syrup bottle manufacturer, our wholesale glass syrup bottles are widely used, not only for filling all kinds of syrup, but also for filling all kinds of health drinks. Glass syrup bottles are mainly made for syrup. syrup bottle has two colors: brown and transparent. Syrup bottle is mainly brown, which can avoid light.

The moulded glass syrup bottle is manufactured by moulds with specifications ranging from 10ml to 300ml. The characteristics of moulded glass syrup bottles are: complete specifications, to meet the needs of customers to fill products with large capacity, the bottle type can be produced according to the unique and beautiful moulding, unlike the control of oral liquid bottles only a single bottle type. Molded glass syrup bottle, wall thickness, bottle weight, strong mechanical ability. The material is soda-lime glass, the price is relatively low and the cost is saved.

The amber glass syrup bottle are in 28mm neck finish with caps. Amber glass syrup bottle is convenient for containing various kinds of liquids. Size amber glass syrup bottles can meet all the pharmaceutical needs and are they all have been produced in our industries lines with skilled workers for many years. We can offer the rightly matched syrup bottle for liquid. 

We offer amber glass bottles in a wide variety of neck finish and style. SIZE supply customize options to solve specific problems. Besides, we also produce other pharma glass in different colors and sizes. Our glass bottle expands from common mouth shapes and capacities to unique ones. Custom glass packaging is available as long as you make any inquiries. Generally speaking, we offer syrup bottle with safe and good quality features.