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Plastic Jars

Plastic Jars

Plastic jars have developed very rapidly. In many cases, they have replaced metal cans and glass bottles, mainly because they have many advantages:

1. Lightweight. The density of materials used to make plastic jars is very small. In a container of the same volume, the mass of plastic jars is smaller than that of metal jars and glass bottles.

2. Low cost. The material cost of plastic jars is lower and easier to produce, so the total price is cheaper.

3. Reliable protection of products. Plastic jars are made of a variety of materials and have good chemical stability and barrier properties. The combination of the bottom, lid and body of the plastic jar adopts a reliable sealing structure, so that the contents can be reliably protected.

4. The mechanical strength is good. Although the mechanical properties of plastic jars are slightly lower than that of metal jars and glass bottles, they are sufficient for general packaging products and rarely cause strength damage.

5. The shelf effect is good. The surface of plastic jars is easy to print and decorate, which is good for attracting customers and promoting sales.

6. Plastic jars also have some shortcomings: for example, the sealing quality between the bottom cover and the tank body is still unstable; when vacuum packaging and pressure packaging are carried out, the strength of the tank body is sometimes not high enough.

As a new type of packaging container, plastic jars are widely used in the packaging field.


For the packaging of food jars, the cheap plastic jar containers are used more and more frequently in the market at present, from the wide mouth pickle food cans to the easily opened beverage food cans. All of these show that food can packaging has a great application in the market.

In the future, in addition to the field of food, medicine, cosmetics and other products are believed to be more and more in the form of jar packaging. The success of food jars is a good cut in for plastic jar manufacturers.