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Blue Bottles, Jars and Containers

Blue glass bottle and blue jars wholesale can be used for the packaging of flavors, chemical reagents, liquid medicines, etc.

This series of products mainly include blue glass containers, blue jars and blue glass bottles, all of which have the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance.

Blue glass containers (blue glass bottles and blue jars) can be sterilized at high temperatures or stored at low temperatures. Due to its many advantages, blue glass bottles have become the preferred packaging materials for many food, medical, and laboratory industries.

Blue Bottles, Jars and Containers List

Since pure essential oils are completely extracted from plants without any addition, filtration or artificial synthesis process, their chemical composition is very susceptible to deterioration due to air, light, temperature, humidity, etc., so pure essential oils are usually stored in dark Inside the glass bottle. And it is best to be below 18 degrees Celsius, high temperature will cause the chemical composition of essential oils to change.

The blue glass jars and bottles have the advantages of wide use and low price. The disadvantage of blue bottles is that they are of high quality and relatively brittle. However, these shortcomings have been greatly improved by adopting new technologies such as thin-wall lightweighting and physical and chemical tempering.

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