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Functions of Essential Oil Bottle Glass Material

Functions of Essential Oil Bottle Glass Material

Nowadays, a variety of essential oils emerge on the market, applying to skincare, message, medicinal use, acupuncture, etc. The packaging for essential adopting cosmetics packaging is made of glass materials. Glass essential oil bottles have good chemical stability and the intrinsic characteristics of glass are fit to contain all kinds of essential oils.


I. Glass material application in essential oil bottle and the cosmetics packaging market

Essential oil glass bottles with beautiful appearance are normally more competitive, because beautiful essential oil bottles are more in line with the temperament of essential oils. With the entry of brands, the market for essential oil bottles will change. As the branding of essentail oils improves, glass dominates essential oils packaging materials for essential oils sold on the market. Essential oil glass bottle will be more and more popular in the cosmetic packaging market. 

II. Functions of essential oil glass bottle

The external packaging of the essential oil bottles has little to do with the product, but mainly to do the bottle which directly contains the essential oil. The common colors of essential oil bottles are brown, blue, green, transparent and so on. Essential oils contain a variety of plant extracts. Although stable butanediol is used as a solvent, glass bottles should be adopted as containers to ensure the purity and effectiveness of essential oils. Except for the aesthetic effect, the choice of essential oil bottle glass material with colors depends on the characteristic of the product. For example, brown glass bottles are suitable for products that need to avoid light. Brown glass material can filter out blue and ultraviolet lights, block ultraviolet radiation, reduce the decomposition of product ingredients, extend the shelf life and ingredient efficacy, so as to deliver finest effects.