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Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

The application on Healthy and Beauty: skincare products (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oil, and nail polish. They are small in size, larger than 200ml and rarely used in cosmetics.

Glass bottles are also divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. The solid paste is generally used in wide-mouth bottles, suitable for distribution of aluminum caps or plastic caps; Emulsion or water paste is generally used in narrow-mouth bottles, suitable for use with pump heads, attention should be paid to prevent the rust of springs and balls. Most pump heads are equipped with glass beads and usually used for material testing, such as. The cover should be matched with the inner plug, the water agent should be matched with the small hole and the inner plug, and the thick emulsion will be fitted with the big hole plug.

Silk printing: There are usually two kinds of glass bottle silk printing, one is high-temperature ink silk printing, which is characterized by not easy to decolor, dull color, purple color is difficult to produce effect, the other is low-temperature ink silk printing, brighter color, higher requirements for ink, otherwise easy to fall off, and in the bottle disinfection should pay attention to.

If the glass bottle belongs to manual mould making, there will be a little deviation in its capacity. When it is selected, it should be tested and correctly marked its capacity. For example, the automatic production line is more uniform, but the demand for shipment is large, the cycle is relatively long, and the capacity is relatively stable.

The uneven thickness of glass bottles can easily lead to damage, or can easily be crushed by contents under severe cold conditions. Reasonable capacity should be tested during filling. Paper holders should be used in transportation and separated separately. The products should be equipped with color boxes. Inner brackets and middle boxes can be more vibration-proof.

Bottle cap technology can be carved by electrochemical aluminum, gilded edge, etched lines, with dumb bright color and luster, with gaskets and inner caps, it is best to use with pressure sensitive sheets to enhance the sealing effect.

Essential oil bottles are usually made of amber or colored and colored sands, which can avoid light. The cap has a tamper-evident ring and can be equipped with an inner plug or a dropper.