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Child Proof Jar

Child Proof Jar

Child proof jars are mainly made of glass with child-resistant caps of different colors and materials, such as bamboo and metal. The bottle cap is used to protect the safe transportation of the product and prevent children from contacting the liquid in the bottle.

The SIZE PLASTIC child resistant jar enhances protection and can extend the shelf life of the product in the jar. For example, UV coatings can effectively protect internal products and avoid evaporation. At the same time, if you need personalized packaging, we can provide corresponding services. We have the smallest size, portable design and good quality.

In order to improve the quality of your packaging, child proof glass jars is an essential type of packaging for your production line.

Buying glass jars with child proof lids is an order worth placing. They have many advantages: hygienic packaging, suitable for storing solutions; airtight, keeping your products fresh.

Child resistant glass jar uses a push-and-turn mechanism to get the best child protection effect.