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4-8oz Bottles, Jars and Containers

Using borosilicate glass and having a low coefficient of thermal expansion, 4-8OZ bottles can resist chemical erosion, high temperature differential impact. It has the international standard taps. The main specifications are 4oz and 8oz. And they are 4oz bottles, 4oz jars and 4oz containers, 8oz bottles, 8oz jars and 8oz containers,The bottle cap is made of polypropylene, and the bottle mouth is smooth and flat. It can guarantee excellent sealing performance without inner cap, and can withstand steam of 140°C. The bottle wall is even without bubbles, sags or bulges. It is widely used for sample delivery and retention in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A small amount of reagents are stored in the laboratory. All glass bottles and glass jars are equipped with PP caps and gaskets.

4-8oz Bottles, Jars and Containers List

  1. It is medical glass products, healthy and safe.

  2. It has corrosion-resistant, and it is able to withstand the temperature from 10 to 100.

  3. Made by a large factory with beautiful lines.

  4. None-xplosive, smooth and easy to wash.

  5. Food grade integrated plastic plug.

  6. Non-toxic and harmless, more healthy.

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