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Blue Bottles, Jars and Containers

The main features of blue glass bottle are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, and has good barrier of glass bottle, airtightness, rich and common raw materials, low price, and blue jars and blue containers can be used repeatedly.  They mainly include blue glass containers, blue jars and blue glass bottles. Blue glass bottle has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and cleaning resistance. Blue glass bottles can be sterilized at high temperature and stored at low temperature. Because of its many advantages, blue jars and blue containers, blue glass bottles have become the preferred packaging material for many food, medical, lab industry.

Blue Bottles, Jars and Containers List

After years of continuous innovation, Sizepackage has made first-rate achievements and accrued many years of ride in a blue bottle. The company is primarily based on the home and foreign markets with small batch, a couple of sorts and first-rate quality. Blue glass bottle has the advantages of wide distribution and low price. Blue bottle's disadvantages are high quality (high ratio of mass to capacity), high brittleness and fragility. However, these shortcomings have been greatly improved by using the new technology of thin-wall light weight and physical-chemical tempering.

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