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American Standards for Safety Cover Testing

American Standards for Safety Cover Testing

There are countless countries in the United States (Canada) and other countries where thousands of children are accidentally poisoned at the age of 2-5 each year. The potential safety hazard of child poisoning is a major concern of the United States (Canada) countries and families. Whether or not children can open bottle caps and packaging bags is the last barrier to protect children's safety. It increases the safety bottle caps of pharmaceutical products. It is difficult to open reagent bottle caps in the design. The complexity of opening packaging bags is the guarantee of children's safety and reliability. ASTM-D3475-15 test or CPSC test was carried out on the designed safety bottle caps and packaging bags, and the packaging license was obtained.

In order to effectively prevent poisoning incidents in children aged 2 to 5 years, the United States Congress passed the Dangerous Goods Packaging Act in 1970, authorizing the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States to standardize the safety standard of product packaging, ASTM-D3475-15 Standard Classification of Safe Packaging for Children, and CPSC of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to require CFR-2016. - title16-vol2-sec1700-20 tests these two schemes. Enterprises can be recognized as long as they satisfy one of the above two test schemes.

Effective design of anti-opening "safety cover": "The cover of packaged food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, and other substances are set to the inside and outside two layers. If only the outer layer is rotated by force, the cover can not be opened. If you open the lid, you need to press the outer cover under the bottle body, and drive the inner cover to rotate, so that you can successfully open the lid. Because the opening method involves two directions of force, it increases the difficulty of opening the lid for children, thus improving the role of safety.

The safety of children is one of the most important preventive measures for the country and every family. Effective design of safety bottle caps and packaging bags is the root of the effective reduction of accidental poisoning incidents in children. Children inadvertently open the "safety bottle cap" and "packaging bag" and eat drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, poisoning incidents caused by poisoning by mistake are heartbreaking incidents that every family does not want to see. In order to protect children's safety, the packaging uses anti-opening "safety cover" to reduce and reduce the risk of children opening the wrong food.