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Characteristics and Sealing Performance of Glass Jars

Characteristics and Sealing Performance of Glass Jars

Glass spraying production line generally consists of spray room, suspension chain and oven. The front water treatment is also very important for glass jars, so the sewage discharge should be paid special attention. As for the quality of glass jar spraying, it is related to the water treatment, surface cleaning of the workpiece, electrical conductivity of the hook, the air volume, the amount of powder sprayed and the skills of the operator.

1. Raw materials for glass jars

The main raw materials of glass jars include natural ore, quartz stone, caustic soda, limestone and so on. The glass jars are high-transparent and corrosion-resistant. Contact with most chemicals will not result in material property change. Glass jars is chemically stable, easy to seal, airtight, transparent and clear glass jars show what they contain; glass jars deliver good preservation performance; they comes with smooth surface, which contributes to easy disinfection and sterilization; glass jars boast beautiful appearance and diverse decoration; a certain degree of mechanical strength can withstand the pressure inside jar and the external force in transportation; raw materials of glass jars are easy to access , so are cheap glass jars.

2. Characteristics of glass jars

Glass packaging containers possess following main characteristics: non-toxic, smell-free, transparent, airtight, beautiful and airtight; they have rich and common raw materials with low price, and can be used repeatedly. Glass jars have advantages in resisting heat, pressure and scrub. They can be sterilized at high temperature and stored at low temperature. Therefore, glass jar is a preferred packaging material for beer, fruit tea and other drinks.