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Plastic Bottle Raw Material Production Process

Plastic Bottle Raw Material Production Process

There are many plastic bottles in life, such as some mineral water bottles, large beverage bottles for entertaining guests at home, and the remaining oil barrels of edible oil. Don't think these bottles are useless. In fact, the effect of planting flowers with these plastic bottles is particularly good. Plastic bottles have many uses for growing flowers. It is a good material for cutting, sowing, high pressure, and making self-priming pots. There are also many manufacturers selling wholesale plastic bottles.

The main raw materials and manufacturing process of plastic bottle products Polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are used as raw materials, after adding corresponding organic solvents, and high-temperature heating, plastic containers are blown, extruded or injection molded through plastic molds.

The production process of plastic bottles is generally divided into the following two types:

First, injection molding is used to make the preform, then the preform is heated, and blown in the bottle mold. Bottles made by this process are common such as mineral water bottles and sprite bottles. It is a plastic bottle with good transparency. Second, use a device called extruder to blow the product into bottles directly. There are bottles made by this process, such as gum bottles, medicine bottles, and some large plastic barrels for wine.

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