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The Coloring Principle of Colored Glass

The Coloring Principle of Colored Glass

Ordinary glass bottles are made of quartz sand, soda ash and limestone. It is a mixture of unfixed silicates.

The coloring principle of colored glass bottles is to add compounds such as Co, Mn, Ni, Fe, Cu and other transition elements to the silicate during smelting. These elements exist in the glass in the ionic state. Because of their valence electrons transition between different energy levels (ground state and excited state), they cause selective absorption of visible light and coloration, such as colored glass bottles made of cobalt blue, manganese violet, nickel green and other colored glasses.

Although these added transition metal elements exist in the form of ions, these ions are not simply decomposed. These ions form a four- or six-coordinate complex with silicate oxygen in the glass, which is very stable. Heavy metal ions in colored glass bottles will not decompose.

Although the glass bottles produced by coloured glass bottle suppliers are becoming more and more gorgeous, its manufacturing technology has basically not changed since its appearance.

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