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Uses of Amber Containers

Uses of Amber Containers

There are many types of glass bottles, ordinary and colored. There are also many colored bottles wholesale on the market.

Among them, amber containers are generally filled with dark products. Colored substances can absorb part of the wavelength of visible light, and the unabsorbed part is its color. In other words, the unabsorbed light of amber containers is brown, and the light passing through this bottle is also brown. Because the brown light is low, it is difficult to cause photochemical reactions. Therefore,amber containers are used.

As for why amber containers absorb more light, this is related to the composition and structure of the substance. The products contained in amber containers can also protect the quality of the contained products to a great extent when exposed to sunlight.

Amber containers are generally used to contain liquid products, such as oral liquid. Oral liquid absorbs the technical characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine injection, which is to further refine, concentrate and encapsulate the soup. The oral liquid has the advantages of quick absorption, convenient taking and easy storage.

Amber containers have no special requirements for light. But the products with less beautiful colors are also particularly suitable for being placed in amber containers. Amber containers have a variety of bottle shapes, including slender, patterned, light weight, etc. Amber containers are very versatile and will be involved in almost every field, from daily necessities to food.

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