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Boston Bottle Caps

Boston Bottle Caps

Boston Bottle Caps

18-400 20-400 22-400 24-400 dropper cap for different closure size boston bottles.

Various neck finish droppers are offered to fit different size boston bottles.

Glass pipettes can be chosen with markings or without,and they are with flat tip,sharp tip,ball tip and oblique tip.

Nature rubber, silicone, NBR and TPE bulbs are at the choice for different use.

Silicone bulb is popular and stable with most liquid.

NBR bulb is more stable with highly concentrated oil.

TPE bulb is used for some special oil.

Screw Caps

Screw caps with cone shape plug/liner for boston bottles

Sizes are available in 18-400,20-400,22-400,24-400,28-400,32-400

Boston Bottle Caps Specification

Model:18-400 20-400 22-400 24-400

Packing:  bulk packing

About the product:  color, logo,shape can be customized according to need

Samples: Samples are provided free of charge, subject to shipping charges

Scope of use: Boston Bottle

Types of Boston Bottle Caps for Sale

Black Phenolic Cone Lined Caps

18-400 dropper, 18-410 dropper, 18-400 child resistant dropper, 18-400 CRC dropper, 20-400 CRC dropper,20-400 dropper,20-410 dropper,20-400 smooth dropper,20-400 tamper evident dropper,20-400 tamper evident and child resistant dropper,20-400 child resistant dropper,22-400 dropper,22-400 child resistant dropper, 24-400 dropper, 24-410 dropper, 24-400 CRC dropper


Boston Round Bottle Caps



Why choose Sizepackage Boston Bottle Caps

SIZE was founded in 2005 has been committed to the development and production of bottle packaging materials With the progress of the times, we have developed more and more bottle packaging materials suitable for the current popular demand. And refined technical standards so that product quality can meet the high standards of customers in different countries and regions.We produce plastic products. We can make moulds according to customer needs and produce plastic packaging products you need. According to the customer's own design of the bottle, drawings, ideas, research and development of new products. 1. Mold development. 2, make version debugging. 3. Bulk processing and production after customer approval. Follow up process and after-sales service.