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The color of the Boston round bottle is brown, and the production model is molding. The molding bottle is an inorganic silicate product. Its basic chemical components are sodium calcium silicate glass and boron silicate glass. 

Boston round bottle's physical and chemical properties are stable, and there is no decomposition, deterioration, and other phenomenons.

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After years of innovation, SIZEPACKAGE has made outstanding achievements and accumulated many years of experience in glass jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic jars. The company is based on domestic and foreign markets with small-batch, multiple varieties, and excellent quality. Boston round bottles are available from stock all year round. The containers produced by SIZEPACKAGE have many advantages, such as high precision, good performance, convenient operation, high grade, economy, and durability, as well as various production links, such as material selection, batching, melting, forming, annealing, post-processing, inspection, packaging.

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