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Plastic Pipette dropper

Plastic Pipette dropper

Plastic pipette droppers are used with dropper caps. Compared with glass pipette droppers, plastic pipette droppers are more flexible in materials, easy to transport and store, less fragile than glass pipette droppers, so they are safer.

Mainstream packaging companies now prefer to use plastic pipette droppers instead of glass pipette droppers.

Specifications of plastic pipette dropper: 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and so on.

Introduction of Plastic Pipette Dropper

Application of Plastic Pipette Dropper

Plastic pipette dropper is made of PE, PET, and other materials. The plastic pipette is an indispensable experimental consumable in the laboratory, food research, medicine and other industries. Plastic pipette dropper has the advantages of low cost and simple use.

How to Use Plastic Pipette Droppers?

1. When using the plastic dropper, hold the top tightly with your fingers, drive out the air in the plastic dropper, then put the plastic dropper into the reagent bottle, release your fingers, and the reagent will be inhaled.

2. After taking the solution, the plastic dropper should be kept at the top of the big belly. Do not put it horizontally or upside down to prevent the solution from flowing backward and corroding the rubber head.

3. When dropping the liquid, it should be suspended above the beaker, and do not touch the wall of the beaker, so as to avoid contamination of the dropper or reagent.

4. Do not put the plastic dropper on the test bench or other places to avoid contamination of the plastic dropper.

5. The used plastic dropper shall be washed with clear water immediately for reuse.

6. It is forbidden to use the unwashed dropper to suck other reagents.