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Child Resistant Cap

Child Resistant Cap

whole sizes of child resistant caps for wide mouth tablet bottles.

This kind of child resistant cap is mainly for chemical or medical use bottles.

Different sizes of neck finish can be used for different contents.

There are PE, foil induction, pressure sensitive, heat sensitive and PTFE liners to fit the caps and bottles.

Child Resistant Cap Specification

Material :PP


Packing:  bulk packing

Samples: Samples are provided free of charge, subject to shipping charges

Scope of use: Wide mouth tablet bottle

Child Resistant Cap Application

This product is mainly used for chemical or medical bottle caps, mainly for storage tablets.

Custom Child Resistant Cap Available

1. Custom color

2. Custom logo

3. Custom shape 

We can make products according to your needs, we can make moulds according to customer needs and produce plastic packaging products you need.