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Colored Glass Bottles

Colored Glass Bottles

As for glass bottle products, the glass bottle can be sealed with a lid or stopper and can be filled quantitatively with hollow glass products of various materials. Widely used in packaging containers for beverages, alcohol, chemicals, medicine, cultural and educational supplies, cosmetics, etc.


As one of the best Chinese glass bottle manufacturers, our custom high quality glass bottles for sale are transparent, easy to clean, good chemical stability, non-polluting content, high air tightness, excellent storage performance, rich decoration, can be recycled many times, and rich in raw materials.

Types of Glass Bottles

FAQ Of SIZEPACKAGE Colored Glass Bottles

1. Are Glass Bottles Better?

Glass bottles contain no chemicals that can leach into food. At the same time, almost glass products can be safely washed at high temperatures. Recycled glass only uses 40% less energy than manufacturing new glass. If you do not want the used glass products, you can deliver them to the designated recyclable station. According to related statistics, up to 80% of all recycled glass can be reclaimed in the world.


2. Where Can I Buy Colored Glass Bottles?

If you want to buy glass bottles wholesale, you are necessary to contact SIZEPACKAGE before placing an order. Our company works on glass and plastic packaging diligently, adhering to the principle of "customer first, quality for survival, high quality service for victory, technological advancement for renewal and development" since the beginning.


3. Why Does Milk Taste Better In Glass Bottle?

Usually, the flavor of milk is better in glass bottles. Glass bottles don't transfer a strange scent into the milk like the way paper or plastic containers do. If you want the milk warmer, you can just put the glass bottle of milk in the hot water. The warm milk tastes good as the same while the milk in paper or plastic containers will taste worse. If you are the milk manufacturer, we have custom glass bottles for sale, please contact us!


4. Why Are Glass Bottles Different Colors?

Here we take clear, green and brown glass bottle as examples to explain. Clear glass bottle gives people a fresh and transparent feeling, which can show the condition inside the bottle. Glass clear bottles are generally suitable for storing substances that are not sensitive to light, because transparent glass bottles do not have much filtering power for light. Green glass bottle and brown glass bottle have a certain blocking effect on light, can prevent oxidation, and is conducive to storage. However, the light filtering degree of brown glass bottle is higher than that of green glass bottle, so brown glass bottle is more conducive to storage.