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Essential Oil Cap

Essential Oil Cap

Sizepackage offers 18-415 regular tamper evident cap with insert reducer for essential oil, it is also a kind of child resistant screw cap.

18/415 neck finish essential oil caps are widely used in essential oil market, different tamper evident closures have different reducer for oils of different thickness.

There are regular essential oil cap, tamper evident cap(TE), child resistant oil cap (CRC), essential oil dropper tops for your selection.

We also have essential oil bottle caps with different hole size of reducer. Welcome to consult if you are interested.

Essential Oil Cap Description

Product Name :18/415 essential oil cap

Material :PP、PE

Model: 18/415

Packing: bulk packing

About the product: color, size can be customized according to need

Samples: Samples are provided free of charge, subject to shipping charges

Scope of use: essential oil glass bottle

Essential Oil Bottle Cap Uses

Model 18/415 Essential Oil Cap is widely used in the essential oil market, and can be used for the essential oil glass bottle to help store different solution. 

Oils with different concentration use different reducer & essential oil cap. 18/415 tamper evident cap is made of food grade PP raw material which is non-toxic and tasteless. All the essential oil bottle cap have passed the strict quality inspection and testing. With good toughness, good sealing, good exhaust function, they are safe to use.

Essential Oil Cap Details

Different Orifice Reducer for Different Essential Oil Cap

Different thickness of oil using different reducer of different functions of the cap.

FAQ of Tamper Evident Cap

Q: What is an orifice reducer?

A:The orifice can easily control the flow rate of liquid in the bottle. There are different flow rate plugs to choose from

Q: Why essential oil cap is good for oil storage?

A: Because it has many good characteristics, such as good sealing performance, easy to use, good safety property, which can greatly prevent the oil from pollution.