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30ml Green Glass Bottle With 18-415 Bamboo TE&CRC Dropper Cap

30ml Green Glass Bottle With 18-415 Bamboo TE&CRC Dropper Cap

30ml Green Glass Bottle With 18-415 Bamboo TE&CRC Dropper Cap

30ml green glass bottle with 18-415 real bamboo tamper-evident childproof dropper cap calibrated glass pipette for essential oil, cosmetic oil, and CBD oil.

SIZE 30ml small green glass bamboo dropper bottles wholesale use original environmentally friendly materials, which are safe and sanitary, and have no peculiar smell. Our products are tough and durable, have a high gloss, and can be recycled.

Green Glass Dropper Bottles Wholesale

  • Child proof dropper bottle

  • Bamboo dropper cap

  • Bamboo cap

  • Essential oil bottle

Details of 30ml Green Glass Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles with pipette are widely used for essential oil, chemical liquid, and liquid medicine.

High quality 18-415 real bamboo tamper-evident child-resistant dropper cap with calibrated glass pipette can be used for essential oil, CBD oil, cosmetic oil, etc

Advantages of Green Glass Dropper Bottles

  • The drop dispenser bottle has good chemical stability and does not react with essential oils

  • Non-toxic and tasteless

  • Good light-proof, smooth and beautiful appearance

  • Good barrier properties and airtight

  • High-temperature resistance, freezing resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance

  • It can be sterilized at a high temperature or stored at a low temperature

  • SIZE owned mold

  • High standard quality checking

  • Quick delivery

Specification of Bamboo Dropper Bottle


Unit Weight

Closure Size

Bottle height

Bottom Diameter








SIZE 30ml green glass dropper bottles are transported and stored with sealed caps and non-porous inner plugs to ensure 100% leakage. Our dropper caps are packaged separately, which can not only ensure that the contents of the bottle will not evaporate or leak during transportation and storage but also allow customers to use the goods more conveniently.

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