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Dispensing Bottle With Cap

Dispensing Bottle With Cap

The glass dispensing dropper bottles are made of high borosilicate glass, have the advantages of high-temperature resistance, easy transportation, and easy preservation. 

Colors can be made into transparent, cobalt blue, green, brown. The glass bottle also can be sprayed or dyed to make it have the appearance of other colors. Narrow and long 18 mm bottle mouth makes the internal liquid not easy to volatilize and leak, which is suitable for accurate dumping.

Dropping dispenser bottles' functions are dispensing and dropping low volumes of liquid or solid reagents and chemicals. When you make choice between plastic styles and glass styles for any lines use them to prevent heat, gas, and vapor touching. All dropping bottles are chemically resistant. Their caps can ensure keeping leak-free seals. The colored dropping bottles can protect product who is light-sensitive, making sure the contents are not going bad.

Our dispensing bottle with cap has the capacity of 5ml,15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, or 100ml. 

Dispenser bottle matches cap in 18-415, cap with function TE, CRC, or TE&CRC. They are widely used for essential oil, liquid medicine, and other liquids. Caps are of high quality that reaches the standards of EU and US markets.