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The Classification and Function of Customized Glass Bottles

The Classification and Function of Customized Glass Bottles

As people's requirements for goods continue to increase, many manufacturers have customized glass bottles for sale.

Customize glass bottles can be divided into many categories:

1. Round glass bottles. The cross-section of the bottle body is round, which is a widely used bottle type with high strength.

2. Square glass bottles. The cross-section of the bottle is square. The strength of this bottle is lower than that of round bottles, and it is more difficult to manufacture, so it is not widely used.

3. Curved glass bottles. Although the cross-section is circular, it is curved in the height direction. It has two kinds: concave and convex, such as vase type, gourd type, etc.

4. Oval glass bottles. The cross-section is elliptical. Although the capacity is small, it has a unique shape. Users love it too.

Customize glass bottles are classified according to different uses:

1. Glass bottles for wine. The wine production is huge. Almost all wine is packed in glass bottles, mainly round glass bottles.

2. Daily packaging glass bottles. It is usually used for packaging various daily commodities, such as cosmetics, ink, glue, etc. Since there are many types of products, their bottle shapes and seals are also diverse. As well, there are types of syrup bottles that can be used to contain liquids.

3. Canned bottles. There are many types of canned food and the output is large. And usually packed in canned bottles with a capacity of 0.2 to 0.5L.

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