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Why Are Glass Bottles So Widely Used?

Why Are Glass Bottles So Widely Used?

In our daily life, we often use all kinds of glass bottles, such as: medicinal glass bottles, food packaging, high borosilicate glass bottles and so on. Compared to bottles of other materials, transparent glass bottles also make us more fond of them. This is mainly due to the following usage characteristics of glass bottle containers:

1. High transparency of glass bottle packaging

Although glass bottles have small brown glass bottles, red glass bottles, clear blue glass bottles and other colors, most glass bottles are colorless and transparent. In food packaging, you can directly observe the color of the inner content. As well as whether the beverage is layered or precipitated, it is convenient for consumers to choose and drink with confidence.

2. High chemical stability of glass bottle packaging

The problem of container materials being corroded by beverages and dissolving is directly related to the safety of food, so many countries pay more attention to it. When glass bottles are used to hold juice or other beverage packaging containers, there is almost no eluate from the container materials.

Compared with other containers, glass bottles have good chemical stability and durability, which is superior to other beverage containers.

3. High airtightness of glass bottle packaging

Whether it is pressurized carbonated beverages or vacuum beverages, glass bottles can be completely sealed. Unlike some plastic and paper containers, glass bottles have excellent airtightness, so they can prevent the influence of outside air on beverages.

4. Various shapes of glass bottle packaging

According to the type of beverage, the presence or absence of gas, the shape, etc., the glass bottle can be designed into a variety of distinctive shapes.

5. Wide use of glass bottle packaging

The glass bottle has a wide range of use and good adaptability to the contents.