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World's Oldest Glass Bottle Has Been Found Intact!

Glass bottles are the most common products in our lives. Various glass bottles play different roles and add a lot of color to our lives. Do you know when the glass bottle appeared? It is reported that the earliest glass bottle found in the world, according to expert assessment, this glass bottle is not only intact, but also invaluable because of its early invention.

This news shocked not only the little friends, but also many people in the industry, including many glass bottle manufacturers. While everyone was surprised that glassware was invented so early, they were also sighing at what kind of quality product it was that could last so long without damage. Because we all know that glass is the easiest vessel to break, and a little carelessness can cause damage or even breakage. And this glass bottle is still so complete after being polished by history, it must be said to be a miracle.
It is understood that when archaeologists accidentally obtained the glass bottle, they once suspected that it was an acquired operation. After all, the invention of the glass bottle only appeared in China during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and the time of this discovery was much earlier. Moreover, because of the special manufacturing process of ancient glass bottles and the fragility of the bottle itself, few glass bottles can be preserved, let alone preserved so intact. However, in the next research, archaeologists discovered that this glass bottle is absolutely authentic "made in ancient times", because it is older than the glass bottle found before in terms of manufacturing process and material characteristics. Moreover, among the items found at the same time, some utensils made of glass were quite similar to the glass bottle. Therefore, the archaeologists determined that this glass bottle really belongs to that distant age.

Speaking of which, many people must be talking about it, so why can it be stored for so long without being damaged? After careful research and investigation, experts came to a conclusion: First, the ancient glass manufacturing process is different from our modern ones. The glass material in the past was relatively blunt and thick, so the glass bottle as a whole looked bulky and had a relatively strong pressure resistance. Secondly, because this glass bottle was put together with some soft things, the whole was wrapped, although after years of baptism, it still did not receive any damage. Again, when this glass bottle was discovered, it was filled with mud, which also virtually adds a protective film to it.

In any case, this relic, which was confirmed to be the world's earliest glass bottle, was unearthed in its entirety. Moreover, according to the appraisal of cultural relics experts, the glass bottle is extremely valuable and is a rare treasure. This incident has triggered intense discussions in the society, and everyone has complained about whether our modern glass bottles can survive thousands of years without breaking? In this regard, our technicians gave some responses: The glass bottles processed by the modern glass bottle factory production process are definitely better than ancient glassware in pressure resistance and drop resistance. 

In addition, the ancient glass processing technology is poor, only one or two kinds of monotonous glass, and our modern life is almost full of all kinds of beautiful and practical essential oil bottles, olive oil bottles, and glass bottles.